I'm Pro-Life for All. I follow a consistent life ethic, and I do my best to live my life by these standards. Current student and aspiring activist.

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Update: this is how it ended

I’m really upset because I’m a huge fan. I guess my heart will be broken and ill move on.

If she’s wrong then you should back up your argument with fact based claims, and if not you are making false claims to someone you know is very passionate about the subject am I wrong?

I attempted to do just such, but she refused to tweet back to me.

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Hobby Lobby Invests In Abortion Pill Manufacturers

Oh. Okay Hobby Lobby.

You take away women’s birth control and simultaneously do this crap?

Thanks, Religious Right. This is why we don’t get nice things.


but I’m still not ready to come back full time.

<3 I love y’all.

  • Question: Just wondering, what did you say to laci green to get her to throw one of her tantrums? I can't find the post on your twitter. - empressbean
  • Answer:

    Oh, it was months ago - back when I was prowomanprolife. 

    I asked what she thought about pro-life sex positivism. She said something like “being sex positive is about letting people do what they want with their bodies”.  I said to her “Isn’t being sex positive about being open and accepting of all expressions of sexuality, provided it’s safe and consensual?” 

    That’s when she went off at me.


love love love her

The thing is, she treated a fan of hers like scum. She claims to be open and accepting yet she attacked me for asking her opinion on sex positive pro lifers.

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Officially a twenty-something now.


I’ve been having some serious psychiatric issues that I don’t really understand yet, and I’m failing all but one of my classes.

I’m doing the best I can to balance school and prolife work, but I’m also going to have to take a break for at least two weeks or so. If you want to contact me or if you’re in any sort of crisis, I’ll give info to people who message me

Thanks for the continued support. I love y’all so much.


I’m going to have to be taking a serious hiatus from tumblr for a while. 

If you want contact information, send me a message.

  • Question: Laci green (a sex advice channel on YouTube) uses the term 'sexual debut' instead of virginity. I thought this was a better way to look at it because people think loosing virginity is the literal act which it isn't allways. - chattycally
  • Answer:

    That’s actually a very good word, although Laci Green has told me in some very blunt terms how she feels about me.

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